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Japan Olympic Committee head Takeda says he will resign in June

Haiku Classic: Dec. 20, 2015


    blowing off the stars


    Penny Harter (1940- ): From Cor van den Heuvel (ed.): "The Haiku Anthology, 2nd," Simon & Schuster; selected and commented on by Isamu Hashimoto

    In "The Haiku Anthology, 1st (Anchor, 1974)" we amazingly realized that three major types of haiku had distinctively existed in America: the one-liner (Matsuo Allard: an icicle the moon drifting through it); the two-liner (Gary Hotham: deserted tennis court / wind through the net); and the standard three-line haiku. Miss Harter's haiku is one of the successful two-liners, I believe. Technically and terminologically, "blowing off" can be appraised for the "newness." Incidentally, one of the characteristics of two liners is that a seasonal word couldn't be put in because of the shortness of the style. My two-liner below has a seasonal word unexpectedly.


    For Making a Good Haiku

    Hint 4: Your haiku should have a necessity if you choose the style of the two-liner:

    suddenly / a red dragonfly drew back (IH)

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