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Celebrity tortoise the talk of the town in Tokyo neighborhood

Bon-chan the African spurred tortoise takes a stroll with its owner Hisao Mitani in Tokyo's Chuo Ward. (Mainichi)

There's a certain celebrity in the Tsukishima district of Tokyo's Chuo Ward who never fails to turn heads when out and about. Mind you, passers-by can get a long look indeed, as this slow-moving celebrity is an African spurred tortoise.

    The some 70-kilogram, 1-meter-long "Bon-chan" often accompanies its 63-year-old owner Hisao Mitani on walks through the neighborhood on sunny days, and the sight of the sandy brown tortoise lumbering along has become something of a local sensation. Bon-chan's fame has spread overseas as well, as tourists make the trek to this area near Tokyo Bay just to see the animal on one if its promenades.

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