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Haiku Classic: April 16, 2017








    (periods added for layout)


    Bernard Gadd (1935- ): Hamilton, New Zealand

    Selected and commented on by Isamu Hashimoto

    This kind of figurative haiku is professionally called a "concrete" haiku, which generally means chimerical, counting on wits or humor. With this haiku, we are at first perplexed by the strange frame and ... finally we solve the problem with a smile. In one sense it can be an author's challenge to readers. However, this one is not so difficult. Readers can easily imagine the gorgeous houses stuck to the slope of the hill. Below is another short and successful concrete haiku:




    -- Raymond Roseliep


    For Making a Good Haiku

    Hint 20: Make use of esprit, wit, humor. But God knows some antecedent.

    writing on the bank

    commas and periods


    -- Isamu Hashimoto (1941- )

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