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Protestors gather in Tokyo to demand abolition of 'anti-conspiracy legislation'

Demonstrators protest outside the Diet on July 11, 2017, demanding the abolition of the anti-conspiracy law that was enacted in July 11. (Mainichi)

Protestors gathered outside the Diet in Tokyo from noon on July 11 to demonstrate against the controversial "anti-conspiracy law" which came into effect on the same day.

Approximately 800 citizens participated in the demonstration against the revised Act for Punishment of Organized Crimes and Control of Crime Proceeds, according to organizers.

Under the amended law, "preparatory acts to commit organized crimes such as terrorism" are now classed as crimes.

During the protest, citizens raised placards with messages such as "Abe Cabinet, resign!" and "The anti-conspiracy law must be abolished." They also shouted out the chant, "We won't let you apply the conspiracy charge."

Among the demonstrators were members of the Diet and university professors including Jiro Yamaguchi of Hosei University. During the protest, Yamaguchi cried out, "The general election will take place in about one year's time. The challenge we face as citizens is finding out how to defeat the Abe administration and transform Japan's politics."

Later that day, a similar protest took place outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward. At this demonstration, there were placards with messages such as, "Freedom Never Dies," calling for the abolition of the controversial law. As a further sign of protest, demonstrators sounded crackers in unison at exactly 7:11 p.m. to coincide with the date the revised law came into effect (7/11).

Satoru Muro, 27, a graduate student present at the demonstration said, "We do not accept the way in which the anti-conspiracy law has been forced through."

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