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Giant panda cub at Ueno zoo nearly 5 months old; ventures from indoor enclosure

Giant panda cub Xiang Xiang climbs a log at Ueno Zoological Gardens in Tokyo's Taito Ward at 2:12 p.m. on Nov. 6, 2017. (Photo courtesy of the Tokyo Zoological Park Society)

Xiang Xiang, a female Giant panda cub at Ueno zoo in Tokyo, is approaching the age of 5 months and recently ventured outside her indoor enclosure for the first time, attendants say.

Ueno Zoological Gardens in Tokyo's Taito Ward on Nov. 10 released images of the cub and her weight as of Nov. 9, which marked 150 days since her birth. Xiang Xiang's weight has increased to 9.9 kilograms, 0.8 kilograms heavier than 10 days before. Her body length was not able to be measured because she moved aggressively during the examination.

Xiang Xiang had previously remained in the exhibition or sleeping rooms of the panda house at the zoo with her mother Shin Shin. She ventured out into an outer play area for the first time on Nov. 9 after the facility allowed her to do so to prepare her for public exhibition.

Three days before this, the zoo said, Xiang Xiang climbed a log for the first time. The cub also passed urine by herself for the first time on Nov. 6. Previously Shin Shin had helped her by licking her.

Ueno Zoological Gardens aims to present Xiang Xiang to the public in December, though a definite date has not yet been decided.

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