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University, ramen shop team up to make dish battling pollen allergies

The limited edition anti-seasonal allergy ramen (Photo courtesy of Nihon Pharmaceutical University)

Not looking forward to pollen season this spring? A new ramen dish to be sold in Tokyo's Minato Ward might be just the remedy you're looking for.

Nihon Pharmaceutical University and popular ramen chain "Menya Musashi" are teaming up to bring customers suffering during the peak of airborne cedar pollen a noodle soup meal made with ingredients that battle seasonal allergies. The ramen will be served at Menya Musashi's Roppongi restaurant from March 9-21.

The ingredients were chosen by nutritionists and students from the university's Chinese herbal medicine course -- the first program of its kind in Japan. Natural remedies to stimulate all five senses, such as dried chrysanthemum flowers, mint, and dried, fermented and slated black beans, which cause sweating and a cool feeling, are said to prevent stuffy noses during the allergy season. Soft-shelled turtle and other ingredients will also be used in the soup. With its classical flavor, the dish is called "Hanasoukai Ramen," which can be taken to mean "nose-refreshing ramen."

A representative from Nihon Pharmaceutical University said, "Let the power of Chinese ingredients refresh your nose."

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