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Haiku Classic: May 6, 2018


    between the tombstones

    spring morning


    Kylan Jones-Huffman (1972-2003), from "Acorn Vol. 1" (1998).

    Butterflies flutter in their free and random way in contrast to the tidy rows of gravestones they flit between. The spring morning carries with it a sense of beginning as well as causing us to think about the cycle of the seasons, suggesting to the reader that perhaps the butterflies are the reincarnated souls of the dead. This haiku was probably written during Kylan's time of service on naval vessels in the Persian Gulf. His time working for the military in war zones would undoubtedly have led him to consider death -- perhaps than most people -- leading to the birth of this wonderful haiku. Unfortunately Kylan's life was cut short during service in Iraq.

    Selected and commented on by Dhugal J. Lindsay

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