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Photo Journal: Lush green 'hell hole'

The aquatic liverwort Jungermannia vulcanicolas is seen at Chatsubomigoke Moss Park, a former site of ironstone deposits, in the town of Nakanojo, Gunma Prefecture, in this recent photo. The park is a part of the Yoshigadaira wetlands, which is on the list of the Ramsar Convention. Many visitors come to see the plant, which is believed to have strong resistance against acid. The site, which is designated by the national government as a natural monument, extends for about 2,000 square meters and is nicknamed a "hell hole." Strong acid mineral springs gush up at several points and the smell of hydrogen sulfide floats in the air. According to the park, the best time to see the moss is in autumn, when the greenery is at its best. (Mainichi)

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