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Deer found with 'pencil arrow' in neck near Nara shrine

The deer, which was found with the "pencil arrow" in its neck in Nara Prefecture, is seen in this recent photo. (Photo courtesy of the Foundation for the Protection of Deer in Nara)

NARA -- A wild deer was found with a "pencil arrow" stuck in its neck on June 13 in an area leading to Kasugataisha shrine.

The female deer weighs 36 kilograms, and the pencil, which was about 15 centimeters long and wrapped in paper, pierced the neck at a depth of 1 or 2 centimeters.

After officials of the Foundation for the Protection of Deer in Nara received a report of the discovery, they removed the pencil from the deer and managed to stop her bleeding.

The deer is not thought to have been seriously injured and officials will set the deer free in Nara Park as early as June 14.

Deer living in and around the city's famous Nara Park are designated as national natural treasures and Nara Prefectural Police are investigating the case as a suspected violation of the Act on Protection of Cultural Properties. (Japanese original by Erina Sato, Nara Bureau)

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