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Wasabi wafers: Izu firm looks to spice up candy market

The wasabi flavored bean jam wafers. (Photo courtesy of Shimoyama fish firm)

IZU, Shizuoka -- A local firm has created fresh wasabi flavored bean jam wafers in a bid to warm the hearts -- and taste buds -- of candy connoisseurs.

    Shimoyama fish firm mixed fresh grated local wasabi with cheese and sweet bean paste and filled the mixture into special wafers shaped like real wasabi.

    The volume of one of the treats is equal to four average bean jam wafers and sells for 580 yen, including tax. A person in charge of the sweet said, "The subtle wasabi taste follows the sweetness of the jam." However, consumers are warned that the edge of the wafers can be as spicy as real wasabi

    The company oddly named its product "2 kilograms, 18 pieces" after the ideal weight and number of pieces for a box of fresh wasabi sold at market, according to the company.

    (Japanese original by Yukina Furukawa, Shizuoka Bureau)

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