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Boy found after missing for 3 days in Yamaguchi Pref. leaves hospital in good condition

Yoshiki Fujimoto is carried out of Shuto General Hospital by his mother Mio, second from right, in Yanai, Yamaguchi Prefecture, on Aug. 20, 2018. (Mainichi)

YANAI, Yamaguchi -- A two-year-old boy discovered on Aug. 15 after he had gone missing for three days in the town of Suo-Oshima in this prefecture, left the hospital here on Aug. 20.

Yoshiki Fujimoto showed a surprised look to the press as he was carried out of the Shuto General Hospital by his mother.

According to the hospital, Yoshiki was showing symptoms of dehydration, and had dozens of abrasions when he was admitted. He suffered from a fever of around 38 degrees Celsius for a while, but recovered after antimicrobial therapy.

Yoshiki's 37-year-old mother, Mio, said she had asked her child at the hospital if he was "all alone" during the three days he had been missing, and Yoshiki responded by nodding. When she asked him if he "had anything to eat," Yoshiki shook his head. Mio showed compassion to her child as she explained, "I haven't asked him anything beyond that, because he seemed to want to forget the anxiety he felt on the three days he spent by himself."

Aug. 13 marked Yoshiki's second birthday, and the mother said with a smile, "We want to celebrate his birthday when his condition settles down."

(Japanese original by Masaki Matsumoto, Shunan Bureau)

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