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Photo Journal: Back to school

First graders in Sekiguchidaimachi Elementary School in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward share picture diaries they drew for homework in a classroom on Sept. 3, 2018, after attending the opening ceremony for the second term. Soshiro Kodama, 7, explained he enjoyed getting wet by a waterfall when he went to a jungle in Okinawa, and added, "I want to work hard on kanji (Chinese characters) in the second semester." Many public elementary and junior high schools in Tokyo conducted back-to-school ceremonies on Sept. 3, and children talked about their summer break experiences with their reunited classmates. "The 44-day long summer break has ended. We teachers are very glad that everyone arrived at school in good condition," Principal Yuzo Aihara, 55, said to pupils at the ceremony. Fourth grader Kisa Matsui, 10, stated her goal for the second term in a speech representing the pupils, "I want to cooperate with my friends to make a memorable presentation for performance day." (Mainichi)

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