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Copy of survey response by girl 'being assaulted' by father released

A copy of a questionnaire response in which Mia Kurihara and her teacher at the time had written about abuse by Mia's father is seen in this photo taken at the municipal headquarters of Noda, Chiba Prefecture. (Mainichi)

NODA, Chiba -- The municipal government here on Feb. 1 released a copy of a bullying questionnaire filled out by a primary school girl later found dead, in which she wrote that she was being physically abused by her father.

Mia Kurihara, age 10, was confirmed dead at her home in this city east of Tokyo on Jan. 24, and her 41-year-old father Yuichiro Kurihara has been arrested on suspicion of causing bodily injury.

The school questionnaire, carried out on Nov. 6, 2017, has two sets of handwriting. There is Mia's own, in which she says "I'm being assaulted by my father. I get woken up in the middle of the night, and when I'm awake, I get kicked and beaten. Teacher, can you do something?" And there is her teacher's, listing specific abuse Mia described to her: "beaten 10 times (with a fist)," "kicked in the head, back and neck that got punched yesterday and still hurt," "got mouth covered and pressed against the floor," and "did the same thing to mother in Okinawa."

In response to the questionnaire, the Kashiwa child consultation center took Mia into temporary protective custody the next day.

The questionnaire instructions promised confidentiality, but when Mia's father Yuichiro complained to the Noda Municipal Board of Education in January 2018, an official gave him a copy of her answer. The board denied Yuichiro access to the paper at first, but he apparently had a letter of consent from Mia, and the city worker was badly intimidated by the man's "overbearing attitude."

According to the board, Mia's teacher's notes had been erased on the copy that was handed over to Yuichiro.

A Noda Municipal Government official said they "determined that there was a need to publicize the questionnaire response for the sake of Mia's honor, as her father has not yet admitted abuse."

(Japanese original by Tadashi Hashiguchi, Matsudo Local Bureau)

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