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December 1
Japan Political Pulse: The true value of one's homeland
November 17
Japan Political Pulse: At stake is how prosperity trickles down
October 27
Japan Political Pulse: What has happened to scandal-hit Obuchi?
October 13
Japan Political Pulse: We must all enforce measures for staying safe
October 6
Japan Political Pulse: Scientific uncertainty
September 15
Japan Political Pulse: Global harmony through the Japanese language
September 8
Japan Political Pulse: New ministers lack 'madness' to bring about change
September 1
Japan Political Pulse: South Korean's cool take on 'comfort women' issue under attack at home, delayed in Japan
August 25
Japan Political Pulse: Those who accuse, those who are accused
August 4
Godzilla and a monstrous form of energy
July 28
Sending missiles to the 'other' side
July 14
Questioning the huge decision to rebuild Tokyo's National Stadium
June 30
Peace and peace of mind
June 16
Japan's relationship with larger world the biggest issue
May 26
Ruling against nuclear reactor restart favors national wealth
May 17
Outcome of battle against radioactive water at Fukushima plant in doubt
May 7
The importance of reading -- and not reading too much into -- the news
April 28
A leaders' summit, conflicting headlines, and the crisis of history
April 21
The Abe administration's narrow and immature perspective
April 1
The meaning of the 'return of nuclear materials'
March 24
What's lacking in politicians today
March 18
Lower house speaker clarifies his nuclear phaseout stance Photo
February 24
Do not rush into another Japan-S. Korea agreement
February 17
Thought and discussion -- not just humor -- needed on NHK governors controversy
February 10
Nuclear energy issue snowed under in Tokyo gubernatorial poll
February 3
What NHK President Momii should have said
January 27
Escaping the trap of frozen thinking
January 20
Weighing the risks of nuclear power against a zero-nuclear society
January 13
Setting the conditions for former PM Hosokawa's political comeback
January 6
As Japan-China tensions heat up, we should look to East Timorese for inspiration