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Okada to appoint Edano as secretary-general of new Democratic Party

DPJ Secretary-General Yukio Edano. (Mainichi)

Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) leader Katsuya Okada has decided to appoint Yukio Edano as secretary-general of The Democratic Party, which is set to be formed on March 27 following a merger between the DPJ and the Japan Innovation Party (JIP), it was learned on March 23.

    Okada will lead The Democratic Party, or "Minshinto" in Japanese. He plans to appoint an official from the JIP as acting leader of the new party, and place senior officials from both the DPJ and JIP in leading positions, building an impression of solidarity.

    Okada intends to appoint either JIP leader Yorihisa Matsuno or former leader Kenji Eda as acting leader of the new party. Matsuno, however, has firmly declined, saying he will take responsibility for having left the DPJ in the past, and has recommended Eda to Okada. Eda, meanwhile, has said that Matsuno, who brought about the formation of the new party, should assume the role.

    Matsuno on March 23 made a renewed request to Eda to take up the position, but their talks ended without agreement.

    Okada intends to make a decision following talks with both Matsuno and Eda.

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