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Variety of grocery items see price increases, some for first time in decades

Gari Gari kun

A number of different foods and luxury goods such as alcohol and cigarettes saw price raises on April 1, some for the first time in decades, due to more expensive ingredients and higher personnel costs.

    The suggested manufacturer retail price of candied ice treat "Gari Gari kun" from Akagi Nyugyo Co. was raised for the first time in 25 years from 60 yen to 70 yen, not including tax.

    The Salt Industry Center of Japan also upwardly revised its standard price for 100 grams of its table salt for the first time in 24 years, from 73 yen to 98 yen including tax.

    Suntory additionally raised its suggested retail prices for five domestic whisky brands by 11.9 to 25 percent, not including tax, in order to maintain its production of the whiskies at their current level and keep up with the increased popularity of whisky.

    Meanwhile, in order to "aim for more popular products," Japan Tobacco Inc. raised the price of its "Mevius" brand cigarettes -- formerly the "Mild Seven" brand -- from 430 yen to 440 yen, including tax. There are 35 total varieties of the Mevius brand, together accounting for around 30 percent of cigarette sales in Japan.

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