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Tooth brushing goes high tech with new Bluetooth device, smartphone apps

A woman demonstrates the "Mouth Monster" smartphone app with the new G.U.M Play toothbrush attachment, in Tokyo's Minato Ward on April 11, 2016. (Mainichi)

Dental hygiene product maker Sunstar Inc. is looking to transform the humdrum routine of brushing your teeth into a few minutes of high tech fun linked to your smartphone.

    It all starts with the G.U.M Play, a small Bluetooth device that attaches to the bottom of a toothbrush and pairs with one of three apps on your phone. The device tracks the movements of your toothbrush and transmits them to the apps, which then give you a good-brushing score out of 100 based on comparisons with the brushing data of dental hygienists. They will also let you know if you've missed any spots.

    G.U.M Play is the world's first technology to track and grade the to-and-fro of your toothbrush, according to Sunstar.

    The three apps that go with the G.U.M Play include one -- "Mouth Monster" -- that turns brushing into a video game, with mouth germs recast as monsters that you can knock off as you clean your teeth. The other two apps -- "Mouth Band" and "Mouth News" -- allow users to listen to music or the news as they brush, respectively.

    Sunstar is set to release the G.U.M Play in versions for adults and kids on April 18.

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