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Kumamoto Pref. allows free use of beloved Kumamon mascot for charity after quake

The Kumamon mascot (c)2010 Kumamoto Prefectural Government

KUMAMOTO -- Kumamoto Prefectural Government officials said on April 19 that the use of Kumamon -- the prefecture's bear mascot -- would be allowed without following the normal approval procedures if it is for earthquake relief fundraising or charity events.

According to representatives from the prefecture's Kumamoto brand promotion division, it normally takes about three weeks to approve using Kumamon for such purposes.

As the prefecture deals with the quake disaster, the division will allow applicants to use the Kumamon mascot on condition that they submit application forms and designs to the division by email in advance. The applicants will be required to subsequently provide a description of what they will use the iconic mascot for. Japanese firms will also not be charged a fee for using Kumamon, as long as this use helps the public promotion of Kumamoto Prefecture.

For more information, contact the department at 096-333-2333 or

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