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'Kim Jong Un said he's launching missiles because he's peeved': former chef to Kim Jong Il

Kenji Fujimoto talks about his April 12 meeting in Pyongyang with Kim Jong Un, on April 25, 2016. (Mainichi)

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told a Japanese former personal chef to his father and late leader Kim Jong Il that he was shooting missiles because he was exasperated, the former chef told the Mainichi Shimbun on the night of April 25.

The former chef, who goes by the alias Kenji Fujimoto, said he visited the reclusive country on the invitation of Kim Jong Un himself, and stayed there April 12-23.

According to Fujimoto, Kim addressed the series of missiles that have been launched by North Korea, saying, "I have no intention of waging war. It's that whenever a diplomat tries to approach the U.S., they come up with unreasonable demands. They aggravate me, so I launch missiles."

Fujimoto met with Kim on the evening of April 12, when the former chef arrived in Pyongyang. They dined for about three hours at a venue in the city, along with Kim's younger sister Kim Yo Jong and Kim's close aide, Choe Ryong Hae. After making a toast with glasses of red wine, Kim first asked Fujimoto how Japan viewed North Korea at the moment. According to Fujimoto, he answered, "Horribly," to which Kim nodded and said, "Is that so?" The issue of Japanese nationals kidnapped by North Korea was not brought up.

"I was waiting by the front entrance of the Koryo Hotel, and was surprised to find First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Jong Un driving a Mercedes Benz himself," Fujimoto said. "He said that I was welcome any time, and that if I had any problems, I should ask him for help. I felt like he wanted me to serve as a bridge between North Korea and the Japanese government."

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