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Baby Malayan tapir a popular attraction at Tokyo's Tama Zoo

The baby Malayan tapir Ko, right, is seen next to its mother Liza at Tama Zoological Park in the Tokyo Suburban city of Hino on May 23, 2016. (Mainichi)

A newborn Malayan tapir, a rare mammal found in Southeast Asia, is attracting attention at Tama Zoological Park in the Tokyo suburban city of Hino.

    The male baby tapir, which has a dark body with white stripes and dots, was born at the zoo on May 7 to its mother Liza and father Daifuku. It has been named Ko in the hope that it will grow up healthy along with its older brother Ken. (The Japanese word for "health" is "kenko.")

    The tapir now weighs about 13.9 kilograms, and is around 60 centimeters long. It has not yet been weaned, but it has chewed on hay and vegetables.

    The mother tapir Liza, who has plenty of experience in childbirth, is calmly looking after Ko, and the young tapir has been healthily running around its enclosure.

    Malayan tapirs live by themselves in areas ranging from forests with water to grassy marshes. They eat leaves and grass, walking around water mainly at night to avoid tigers, which prey on them.

    The baby tapir will turn the same black and white color as its parents after about six months.

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