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Estimated new cancer cases in Japan topped 860,000 in 2012

An estimated 865,238 people in Japan were newly diagnosed with cancer in 2012, the National Cancer Center announced on June 29.

    The figure was roughly 14,000 more than the number of new cases recorded the previous year. The figure reflected data from all prefectures in Japan, enabling comparison for the first time.

    A total of 503,970 men and 361,268 women were diagnosed with cancer. By type of cancer, the most common for men, in descending order, were stomach cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and liver cancer. The previous year bowel cancer had been the fourth-most common type.

    For women, the most common types were breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, and cancer of the uterus -- the same order as the previous year.

    The previous year, data for 40 of Japan's 47 prefectures was available. The 2012 figures added the data from prefectures with large populations including Tokyo, Fukuoka and Saitama.

    The estimate for the number of patients was based on accurate data from 28 prefectures that included practically all cases, which was extrapolated.

    The National Cancer Center plans to release an overview of the latest cancer statistics for the general public in July.

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