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Warning signs posted in Diet to discourage lawmakers from hunting Pokemon

A notice warning people not to walk and use their smartphones at the same time is seen in the National Diet building in Tokyo on July 28, 2016. (Mainichi)

Notices have been posted in the halls of Japan's National Diet telling people not to look at their smartphones while walking in an apparent attempt to get lawmakers and visitors to stop playing the augmented reality game "Pokemon Go" while in the building.

According to the House of Representatives secretariat, the notices were posted in six places in the Diet's hallways on July 22, the day "Pokemon Go" was released in Japan. The notices read, "It's dangerous to use your smartphone while walking, so please stop."

Takeo Kawamura, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Rules and Administration, told reporters on July 28 that there are 12 "Pokestops" where players can get game items, as well as one "Gym," where players can pit their captured Pokemon against one another. An increasing number of Diet lawmakers are apparently hooked on "Pokemon Go," and one senior Committee on Rules and Administration official stated that "we must make sure that no one can say lawmakers were playing a game" while on duty.

Lawmakers plan to discuss at the rules and administration committees of both Diet houses on whether to request the game's maker to delete the Pokestops and other "Pokemon Go"-related sites in the building from the app.

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