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Men, women both want to hear 'thank you' at work: survey

Of various compliments, both men and women are happiest at work when they are told "thank you," according to a survey by the Japan Management Association.

    The results were released ahead of Labor Thanksgiving Day, which falls on Nov. 23. The survey also found that people who feel their job is worthwhile or that their workplace is producing good results are active in expressing thanks.

    "The presence or lack of words of thanks affects whether people feel their job is worthwhile as well as the results of that workplace," says the association.

    The association conducted the survey via the internet on members registered with the association, who were employed and aged between 20 and 69, collecting responses from 1,000 people. When asked what compliment made them happiest at work, the top answer was "Thank you," picked by 34 percent of the men and 43.2 percent of the women. In second place among men was, "You've worked hard," while second place for women was, "You've done well." Third place for both men and women was "Only you can do this."

    Furthermore, the association found in the survey that around 80 percent of people who felt their jobs were worthwhile actively expressed thanks to those around them, compared with only around 50 percent of those who didn't feel so. Similarly, around 70 percent of those who thought their workplace was producing results were active in expressing thanks. The results suggest that words of thanks lend support to feelings of job worth and good results.

    At the same time, 40.3 percent of respondents said they are "not thanked by anyone" at work, with the number as high as 46.6 percent for people in their 40s.

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