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80% of Nagoya residents accept city's poor rank among major cities: poll

The area in front of Nagoya Station is pictured in Nagoya's Nakamura Ward. (Mainichi)

NAGOYA -- Some 80 percent of Nagoya residents questioned about a survey that listed their city as the one people least wanted to go to out of eight major cities in Japan accept the results, it has been learned.

    The finding was released by the Nagoya Municipal Government on Nov. 21.

    The online questionnaire was conducted in mid-October on 500 people, of whom 427 responded. A total of 60.4 percent said the outcome of the survey that showed Nagoya as the least popular city was "regrettable but can't be helped." Another 21.1 percent said it was "only natural," while just 8.7 percent said it was "completely wrong."

    When those who said they accepted the results were asked to give a reason, the top answers were "other cities are more fun" and "other people evaluate things differently from people in Nagoya." A city official said the perception of city public relations being poor bore an influence on the finding.

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