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Researchers to employ AI to determine optimal cancer treatments

Organizations such as the National Cancer Center Japan (NCC) and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) announced that they will employ artificial intelligence (AI) technology to develop a system that can provide cancer patients with optimal medical care options based on their symptoms.

Researchers hope to be able to present patients with accurate diagnoses and treatment options best suited for them based on broad-ranging analyses of massive amounts of treatment records of patients from the past. The project is expected to cost 380 million yen, and project managers hope the technology will be available for practical application in five years.

NCC maintains massive volumes of patient data, such as blood test results and computed tomography scan images. This information will be aggregated so that it can be read by AI and analyzed using AI deep learning capabilities. The results will then be used in offering patients treatment options.

Preferred Networks Inc., a private tech company based in Tokyo, will also take part in the project.

"Once this system is created, it will become possible to predict the impacts and side-effects of certain cancer drugs, and help prevent wasteful drug use," Ryuji Hamamoto of the NCC said.

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