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Youngest pro shogi player, 14, to face 76-year-old veteran in tournament

Hifumi Kato, left, and Sota Fujii. (Mainichi)

Sota Fujii, who at 14 years and two months became Japan's youngest professional shogi player on Oct. 1, is set to go up against the oldest player, 76-year-old Hifumi Kato, in his first official match.

    Fujii, who holds a fourth-dan ranking, will meet Kato in the sixth group ranking match of the 30th Ryuo Tournament to be held on Dec. 24.

    Kato is a ninth-dan veteran who himself previously held the record for being the youngest professional player, at 14 years and seven months.

    "It gives me a feeling of tension and determination," Fujii said. "Mr. Kato's passion for shogi hasn't eased and he's amazing. I want to try hard so I can give it my best shot."

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