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Haiku Classic: Jan. 15, 2017

today too

    snow on my mailbox



    Frank K. Robinson (1931- ): Lamesa, Texas. From Cor van den Heuvel (ed.): "The Haiku Anthology, 2nd," Simon & Schuster.

    Selected and commented on by Isamu Hashimoto

    This is the second of the snow and mailbox series. There is no red flag raised on the mailbox, because with the final line, the last word, we know Mr. Robinson is not expecting any letters at all. It seems like he is a hermit in a snow-bound rural area. This is my piece, inspired by the snow mailbox haikus:

    dog pees on the snow / revealing the tip of / the red flag of the mailbox

    For Making a Good Haiku

    Hint 17: Unexpectedness is a very important factor in haiku. For example, this is seen in the next haiku with Susano-o, a famous character in Japanese mythology who made an eight-headed monster drunk and killed it.

    New Year's dream / Brave God Susano-o / drinks a little

    -- Isamu Hashimoto (1941- )

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