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Okinawa residents file suit over use of prefectural funds on police from other regions

NAHA -- Okinawa residents opposed to the construction of the U.S. military's MV-22 Osprey helipads in northern Okinawa Prefecture filed a lawsuit with the Naha District Court Jan. 12 arguing that the use of prefectural funds on riot police dispatched from other prefectures was illegal.

In the lawsuit, 15 plaintiffs are calling on Gov. Takeshi Onaga to demand that the Okinawa Prefectural Police chief, among others, return approximately 8.5 million yen in prefectural funds that were spent on riot police who were dispatched to Okinawa Prefecture from numerous other prefectures to provide security for Osprey helipad construction in the U.S. Marine Corps' Jungle Warfare Training Center.

The training center, also known as Camp Gonsalves, spans the villages of Kunigami and Higashi in northern Okinawa Prefecture.

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