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Photo Journal: Delightful decorations


Two young girls admire an arrangement of suspended ornaments inside the "Hina No Yakata" building in the town of Higashiizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, on Jan. 19, 2017. The decorations were coordinated by the Inatori Onsen Tourist Association, also located in Higashiizu, as part of the build up to the "20th Hina No Tsurushi Kazari" festival, which will start at Inatori Onsen on Jan. 20. Kimono-clad children were invited from local preschools and other places to attend the event on Jan. 19. It is said that the origins of the festival date back to the late Edo period, when families who could not afford to buy Hina dolls would resort to making hand-made versions themselves using available materials -- with the aim of celebrating their children's and grandchildren's first seasonal festival. Approximately 40 different lucky charms such as the "monkey," designed to expel evil, have been suspended using red string. At this exhibition, about 17,000 ornaments are on display, of which approximately 6,400 are dolls. This delightful exhibition will continue until March 31, and the admission fee is 300 yen. (Mainichi)

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