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Photo Journal: Rope ritual

Kisenosato, the 72nd sumo wrestler to reach the pinnacle rank of yokozuna, is seen here inside the Tagonoura stable in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, participating in a "rope weaving" ceremony together with other sumo wrestlers on Jan. 26, 2017. Among the onlookers were the former maegashira-ranked wrestler, Takanotsuru, stable master of the Tagonoura stable, as well as other stable masters of the Nishonoseki group. In addition, the Nishiiwa stable master, former sekiwake-ranked wrestler Wakanosato, as well as fellow wrestlers Takayasu, Kotoshogiku and Takekaze took part in the event, with red and white weaved headbands around their heads. As a taiko drum beat in the background, the wrestlers counted out loud and intertwined the three hemp ropes with copper wiring at their core. The brand new rope took about one hour to make. Kisenosato, with his hair tied into a topknot, quickly put on the rope, before receiving guidance in the "unryu-style" entry into the ring from former yokozuna Onokuni, now the Shibatayama stable master. (Mainichi)

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