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Haiku Classic: Feb. 19, 2017

Snow falls gracefully

    As the cold touches my face

    Like long fingers...


    Joseph Graeme (Grade 7, Anthony's School Kitimat, Canada)

    Selected and commented on by Isamu Hashimoto.

    This haiku could well have come from a first-class adult professional with supreme haiku talent and one strictly adhering to a syllabic haiku style. However, the 5-7-5 system is often taught at elementary and secondary schools. In fact, the author was in the seventh grade. Oh, what a talented boy! If this young man continues to write haiku, I am sure he will become a leading haijin in the United States. Among other points, the simile in the last line is superb. I know of a similar example in our country: a balancing doll / nods / in the autumn wind (Tomomi Harada, 10 years old)


    For Making a Good Haiku

    Hint 18: Haiku with no seasonal word will do when there is "newness."

    eyeglasses on

    from above

    dropping a lotion

    -- IH

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