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Cherry blossoms forecasted to flower slightly later than usual

This year's cherry blossoms will generally bloom slightly later than usual across Japan, according to forecasts announced by private weather company Weather Map Co. on Feb. 23.

    Cherry blossoms in many areas from the Tokai region and westward are expected to flower later than usual due to the warm winter and low temperatures lasting into early March. In particular, blooming is expected to be highly delayed in Kyushu, except for Fukuoka Prefecture.

    Meanwhile, cherry blossoms in the Hokuriku and Kanto regions are predicted to bloom at around the average time, while the flowers in northern Japan are expected to bloom earlier than a typical year.

    Tokyo cherry blossoms are expected to begin blooming on March 25 and reach full bloom on April 2. Hokkaido, for which the company is announcing a prediction for the first time, is expected to witness blooming from April 30.

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