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1 mil. yen Moritomo Gakuen deposit receipt connected to Abe donation claim emerges

A post office receipt for a 1 million yen deposit that Moritomo Gakuen made is seen. The school operator claims the transaction was to deposit a donation made by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's wife Akie. (Photo courtesy of Tamotsu Sugano)

The Mainichi Shimbun has obtained a copy of a post office receipt for a deposit of 1 million yen that scandal-hit Moritomo Gakuen claims to have been donated by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's wife Akie Abe.

Moritomo Gakuen President Yasunori Kagoike claims that he received the 1 million yen donation from Akie for a new elementary school that the operator planned to open in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture.

The receipt copy for the deposit shows Moritomo Gakuen as the depositor handwritten over whiteout tape. When the receipt is held up to the light, the name "Shinzo Abe" can be made out underneath the whiteout. The seal of the post office that handled the payment is stamped over the whited-out portion.

Controversy around the nationalist Moritomo Gakuen erupted when it emerged the school operator had bought state-owned land for the elementary school at a steep discount.

During an interview with nonfiction author Tamotsu Sugano, Kagoike's daughter said the school operator tried to make the deposit under Prime Minister Abe's name, but was told by the post office that the name of the depositor on the receipt had to match the name on the transaction form kept by the post office. She said the school operator corrected the name using whiteout tape after consulting with its accountant.

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