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Group with former SEALDs members launches, to focus on public political participation

A new group, "Mirai no tame no kokyo" (Public for the future), formed by former members of the student group SEALDs among others, hold their first rally in front of the Diet building on the night of March 17, 2017. (Mainichi)

"Mirai no tame no kokyo (Public for the future)," a new group comprising former members of the "Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy-s" (SEALDs), among others, was launched on March 17, and held their first rally in front of the Diet Building in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward that night.

"This is not a SEALDs reunion," says Moeko Mizoi, 21, a former SEALDs member who is also involved in the new group. "It's an evolution."

The new group, made up of people from a broad range of age groups and backgrounds, places priority on public participation in politics. However, it will not limit its activities to demonstrations and protests, and will aim to express its members' viewpoints through a variety of formats.

At their first rally, they addressed such issues as the so-called "conspiracy bill" that the ruling parties are poised to submit to the Diet, and the Moritomo Gakuen scandal.

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