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Canned 'cream puff drink' to debut to sweeten up beverage market

A cream puff flavored beverage is coming to vending machines and convenience stores around Japan this spring, courtesy of instant food company Nagatanien Co.

    The introduction of the creamy, vanilla-flavored canned beverage marks the company's first venture into the cold drink market, as it is most well-known for instant miso soup and chazuke (tea poured over rice with various toppings). The inspiration for the drink came from a confectionery brand under the Nagatanien umbrella called "Beard Papa's Fresh'n Natural Cream Puffs," a chain of nationwide specialty shops. Nagatanien hopes to target men who enjoy sweet drinks with the new product.

    Starting on March 21, the drink will be available in vending machines inside East Japan Railways Co. stations, and will be sold in convenience stores across the country starting on April 24. The cream puff drink will be sold for 130 yen, not including tax.

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