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Photo Journal: Life-sized battle

Local high school students decked out in full armor fill in the spaces of a 17-meter by 14-meter shogi board for a "human shogi" match between professional female players Yuki Muroya and Momoko Nakamura, overseen by shogi fans under Somei Yoshino Cherry trees in full bloom, in the city of Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture, on April 22, 2017. After an hour-long battle, Muroya, second-dan, came out as the winner of the fun-filled match. The following day also saw a match between ninth-dan Hiroyuki Miura and seventh-dan Kenjiro Abe, and a talk event with the director of the shogi-themed movie "March Comes in like a Lion" (Sangatsu no Lion) Keishi Otomo and lead actor Ryunosuke Kamiki. (Mainichi)

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