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Photo Journal: Resplendent reconstruction


The newly restored "Jikido" dining hall at Yakushiji Temple in Nara, where monks are thought to have eaten and trained in spiritual practices, is seen at the hall's unveiling to the media on May 9, 2017. The Jikido is believed to have been built during the Nara Period, burning to the ground in 973 in the Heian Period. It was rebuilt in 1005, only to be destroyed by fire again. The reconstruction of the hall began in 2015, and the finished structure is 41 meters east to west and 16 meters north to south with a height of 14 meters. The Buddhist painting "Amida sanzon jodozu" is enshrined in the center of the hall, surrounded by 14 traditional Japanese paintings detailing the history of Buddhism's path from China to Japan and the temple's history. The paintings were created over a five-year period by artist Toshio Tabuchi. A ceremony to celebrate the hall's completion will be held May 26-28, and the hall will be open to the public from July 1 to the end of November. (Mainichi)

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