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Haiku Classic: June 18, 2017

a stick goes over the falls at sunset


    Cor van den Heuvel (1931- ): New York, NY, USA. From Cor van den Heuvel (ed.): "The Haiku Anthology, 2nd," Simon & Schuster

    Selected and commented on by Isamu Hashimoto

    This is a rare example from this author in the form of a "one-liner." At sunset a stick goes over the waterfalls (falling down into the deep, blue basin). That's all the author depicted. Cor well knows how to cut things short in "a mere description of the surroundings." The parenthesized phrase I added is additional or unnecessary. We also have a great masterpiece by Yahan Goto (1895-1976) (tr. by IH).

    takinoueni mizuarawarete ochinikeri

    up on the fall / water appears / & falls

    Another successful one-liner:

    an icicle the moon drifting through it

    -- Matsuo Allard (op. cit.)


    For Making a Good Haiku

    Hint 22: Making use of medicine effectively. The following haiku was made 40 or more years ago. I had been deeply agonized by much complex editing. One time, a doctor changes the prescription and then the gloomy rainy season begins.

    given a different kind / of medicine-- / the rainy season begins

    -- Isamu Hashimoto (1941- )

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