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Gov't plans to stop criminal groups from running casinos with strict license system

With Japan heading toward the introduction of "integrated resorts" (IR) centered on casinos, the government set out a regulation policy draft for such facilities on May 31 that essentially aims to prevent crime syndicates and antisocial forces from running casinos inside these IRs.

The draft, which was presented during a government advisory panel meeting on May 31, proposes that those who wish to run a casino inside an IR must first undergo a stringent screening process, which includes a financial-status review as well as an investigation into the applicant's circle of associates. Once all the criteria have been met, a license can then be granted.

The draft also suggests that even after a license has been issued, the casino operators must continue to renew their license on a regular basis. Other criteria, such as the operator's main shareholders needing to gain governmental approval, have also been included.

The draft was based on the entry regulations that are stipulated under license systems in places such as Nevada and Singapore. License systems for casinos typically consist of a wide range of criteria, such as the criminal history of the operator's board members.

In addition, any subsidiary firms that are connected to the casino operator are subject to an investigation, and transactions that are carried out by the operator will need approval by the authorities.

A Cabinet Office-affiliated agency known as the "Casino Management Committee" will oversee the screening and investigations.

In cases where the land and building of an IR are owned by a company or individual other than the casino operator, those land and building owners will also need to obtain a license, according to the draft.

The government plans to submit a specific draft bill on IRs to the Diet by the end of the year.

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