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Photo Journal: Sounds of summer

An employee of the Shinohara Edo Furin shop paints traditional handmade wind chimes in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward on June 1, 2017, ahead of the busy summer months. Lines of bells painted with images of morning glories and goldfish fill the workshop with refreshing rings. The bells are made by blowing glass heated to a temperature of roughly 1,300 degrees Celsius while carefully turning it to make a round shape. The bottom of the sphere is cut off to complete the bell, and the patterns are painted on the inside surface so that they last longer. Because each bell is handmade, even those with the same design are said to have different tones. The mainstay of Edo Furin is the 1,700-yen bell with a diameter of 8 centimeters. The shop's busy period will continue through August, and staff will manufacture roughly 60,000 bells during the course of the year. (Mainichi)

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