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Award-winning sake brewer to devote newest sake to all Suzukis nationwide

Takahiro Suzuki, master brewer of Kanbai Syuzou, shows off his prizes from the Annual Japan Sake Awards at his brewery in the city of Kuki, Saitama Prefecture, on June 5, 2017. (Mainichi)

KUKI, Saitama -- The heir of a sake brewery has an unusual marketing strategy for his newest premium-brewed sake set to be released this July -- devoting it to all the people with the family name Suzuki nationwide by christening the drink with the same name.

    The master brewer of the Kanbai Syuzou brewery established in 1821 is himself a Suzuki -- 33-year-old Takahiro Suzuki, to be exact. The brewery has been a gold prize winner at the Annual Japan Sake Awards for three years running. For the newest release, Suzuki challenged himself by using the traditional "kimoto" brewing technique for the first time, and finishing off the sake with an acidic flare for a perfect balance in taste.

    "I want to elevate the level of Japanese sake," Suzuki said. "To reflect that wish, I gave my own name to this new product."

    Mohri Suzuki, a Mainichi Shodo Association Prize-winning calligrapher, will be tasked with the calligraphy for the bottle label design. "Suzuki" will go on sale in Tokyo on July 2, when an opening ceremony gathering Suzukis from all over Japan will be held.

    With the help of many Japanese people with the family name "Suzuki," there's no doubt the sake will be a bit hit, right?

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