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Haiku Classic: July 16, 2017

morning surf

    a dog fills the sky

    with seagulls


    Jim Boyd (1944- ): San Meteo, CA, USA

    From Cor van den Heuvel (ed.): "The Haiku Anthology, 3rd," Norton.

    Selected and commented on by Isamu Hashimoto

    The author makes it a rule to walk with "Charlie" (is this right?) on the beach near the house early in the morning. The weather there has been bad. But today the morning sky is very clear. They go out for a walk on the beach. Then the first line of the cited haiku is duly understood. The second and third lines with a barking dog are then clearly seen. I imagine his dog could be an ordinary-sized faithful setter ...

    For Making a Good Haiku

    Hint 23: If you can find a contrastive object which has not been cultivated against the main topic, some newness might be captured. "Star festival" is the main topic in this haiku with a contrastive depiction: fish under the sea.

    star festival / going under the dark sea / a school of fish

    -- Isamu Hashimoto (1941- )

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