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Luxurious loo: Toto to begin sales of deluxe 'washlet' toilet

Toto's newest luxury bidet toilet the "Neorest NX" is pictured in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, on July 5, 2017. (Mainichi)

Toilet manufacturer Toto Ltd. will release its most luxurious bidet model next month -- and it will cost those eager to sit on the elegantly designed throne a hefty 570,000 yen.

    The "Neorest NX," the newest model in Toto's "Neorest" series of "washlets" (bidet toilets) with the warm-water bidet fused with the toilet bowl, is set to go on sale on Aug. 1. By further decreasing the space between parts of the toilet, the company has integrated the newest technology in both cleaning power and design. The high price tag is aimed at well-to-do households and luxury hotels domestically, and the foreign market to raise the value of the Toto brand name abroad.

    Previous Neorest models had many joints between the bidet and toilet bowl, but the toilet bowl of the NX model gradually rises to conceal the bidet and decreases the number of seams. In addition, the sanitation device is made to look more stunning with a contoured design that matches with the curved shape of the entire toilet unit.

    By bringing the position of the bidet forward, it not only makes it less visible, but also makes cleaning the unit simpler by eliminating the space under the rim. The amount of air contained in the bidet water itself has also been increased, upgrading the cleansing feeling after using the device.

    The Neorest NX is currently being produced at Toto's Kokura factory in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, and the current ideal retail price is set at 570,000 yen without tax. Sales of the Neorest series reached 190,000 units during the 2016 fiscal year, and with this newest member joining the lineup, Toto is aiming to sell 220,000 units in fiscal 2020.

    The NX will make its projected debut in the Chinese market in October, other Asian markets this winter -- and even take a leap into the American market next summer.

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