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Isamu Hashimoto, longtime haiku editor for The Mainichi, dies at 75

Isamu Hashimoto

Isamu Hashimoto, who worked for over 20 years as the selector for The Mainichi's popular Haiku in English column, has died. He was 75.

Mr. Hashimoto began selecting readers' haiku for the column alongside Kazuo Sato before The Mainichi (previously the Mainichi Daily News) moved online, and continued doing so after Mr. Sato passed away in 2005 at the age of 78.

Mr. Hashimoto pursued the role of selecting readers' haiku until shortly before his recent death. The selections published this month are his final ones.

In addition to daily selections for Haiku in English, Mr. Hashimoto offered insights on many readers' haiku through his yearly selections. His latest annual selection, "Haiku in English: Best of 2016" can be viewed through The Mainichi's Haiku in English Archives at the following link:

From August, Australian scientist and accomplished haiku poet Dhugal J. Lindsay, 46, will take over Mr. Hashimoto's role as selector for The Mainichi's Haiku in English section.

Dr. Lindsay has composed haiku in both English and Japanese, and his debut collection "Mutsugoro" (The Mudskipper) won the seventh Nakaniida Grand Haiku Prize in 2002 for the best debut work by a haiku poet in Japanese. His second collection, "Shukko," was published in 2008. Dr. Lindsay is a member of the Modern Haiku Society of Japan.

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