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Abe names Kishida as LDP policy chief, taps Kono for foreign minister in Cabinet shuffle

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, front row, center, poses for a photo with Cabinet members following the most recent Cabinet reshuffle, at the prime minister's office on Aug. 3, 2017. (Mainichi)
Fumio Kishida (Mainichi)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shook up the executive ranks of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and shuffled his Cabinet on Aug. 3, appointing post-Abe hopeful Fumio Kishida to head the LDP's Policy Research Council, and former minister in charge of administrative reform Taro Kono as Kishida's successor to lead the Foreign Ministry.

Kishida's appointment came in response to his desire to assume a key party post, a move widely regarded as a preparation to succeed Abe in the future.

Prime Minister Abe, who also heads the LDP, appointed former agriculture minister Yoshimasa Hayashi as minister of education, culture, sports, science and technology, and outgoing LDP policy chief Toshimitsu Motegi as minister in charge of economic revitalization. Motegi also doubles as minister in charge of "human resources development revolution," a new signature policy of the Abe Cabinet.

The following are the names of those appointed to or remaining in the Cabinet:

(*first-time minister, LDP = Liberal Democratic Party, HR = House of Representatives, HC = House of Councillors)

Taro Aso, 76 (LDP, HR) -- Deputy prime minister, finance minister (retained from the outgoing Cabinet)

Seiko Noda, 56 (LDP, HR) -- Internal affairs and communications minister, minister in charge of women's empowerment

Yoko Kamikawa, 64, (LDP, HR) -- Justice minister

Taro Kono, 54 (LDP, HR) -- Foreign minister

Yoshimasa Hayashi, 56 (LDP, HC) -- Education, culture, sports, science and technology minister

Katsunobu Kato, 61 (LDP, HR) -- Health, labor and welfare minister

*Ken Saito, 58 (LDP, HR) -- Agriculture, forestry and fisheries minister

Hiroshige Seko, 54 (LDP, HC) -- Economy, trade and industry minister (retained)

Keiichi Ishii, 59 (Komeito, HR) -- Land, infrastructure, transport and tourism minister (retained)

*Masaharu Nakagawa, 70 (LDP, HC) -- Environment minister

Itsunori Onodera, 57 (LDP, HR) -- Defense minister

Yoshihide Suga, 68 (LDP, HR) -- Chief Cabinet secretary (retained)

Masayoshi Yoshino, 68 (LDP, HR) -- Reconstruction minister (retained)

*Hachiro Okonogi, 52 (LDP, HR) -- National Public Safety Commission chairperson, minister of state for disaster management

*Tetsuma Esaki, 73 (LDP, HR) -- Minister of state for Okinawa and Northern Territories affairs, minister of state for consumer affairs

Toshimitsu Motegi, 61 (LDP, HR) -- Minister in charge of economic revitalization, minister in charge of human resources development

*Masaji Matsuyama, 58 (LDP, HC) -- Minister for promoting dynamic engagement of all citizens

*Hiroshi Kajiyama, 61 (LDP, HR) -- Minister of state for regional revitalization

Shunichi Suzuki, 64 (LDP, HR) -- Minister in charge of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

* * * * *

The following are the names of those appointed and reappointed to the new LDP leadership:

Masahiko Komura, 75 (HR, no faction affiliation) -- Vice president (retained)

Toshihiro Nikai, 78 (HR, Nikai faction) -- Secretary-general (retained)

Wataru Takeshita, 70 (HR, Nukaga faction) -- General Council chairman

Fumio Kishida, 60 (HR, Kishida faction) -- Policy Research Council chairman

Ryu Shionoya, 67 (HR, Hosoda faction) -- Election Strategy Committee chairman

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