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Junior high students more keen on online confessions of love, especially girls: study

The free smartphone messaging application LINE (Mainichi)

Junior high school students are more likely to be "OK" with confessions of love over the internet, with female students in particular five times more likely than adult women to have a positive opinion toward the practice, a University of Hyogo study has found.

    The research team led by associate professor Kazuo Takeuchi aimed to see if there was a generational gap concerning romantic confessions in person or online. With the cooperation of the Kobe Municipal Government, the team distributed a questionnaire on the subject to 4,078 first through third year students via student councils at four junior high schools in the city, and 180 adults including municipal government workers for comparison. The results were announced at a forum in Kobe on Aug. 27.

    A total of 59 percent of both male and female junior high school students answered that they would be "OK" receiving a confession via email or a free smartphone messaging application or "OK depending on the sender." This was nearly 10 points higher than adults, where 50.6 percent answered they would be fine with an online confession.

    When the results for female respondents were analyzed separately, 22.9 percent of junior high students said they would be "OK" with the trend while only 4.5 percent of adults said the same. When including those who answered it would be "OK depending on the sender," the numbers came to 60 percent for students and 40.3 percent for adults.

    When asked for the reasons behind their answers, students responding that it is easier to convey their feelings via messages stood out. Many also commented that it was a way to guard against fake confessions used between friends as a punishment game, and it was also easier to pass the text confession off as a joke if they were rejected.

    Among the adults, the majority were against online confessions of love, believing that it was something that should be discussed face-to-face.

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