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ALT arrested for alleged molestation apparently lied over similar case in 2011

An American assistant language teacher (ALT) accused of molestation apparently lied to his then employers over a similar case in 2011, telling them that he had been arrested but not charged, the Mainichi Shimbun has learned.

Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education ALT Jason Allison, 44, was arrested by Kanagawa Prefectural Police in 2011 under suspicion of molestation. He was also arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in early October this year on suspicion of molesting a 16-year-old girl in Tokyo in June.

Regarding the 2011 case, the board of education did not find out that Allison had been charged as he denied it had ever happened, and the ALT was later re-employed at another high school in Tokyo. It has also emerged that Allison lied about the details of his arrest warrant when being questioned by the board of education in 2011.

Apparently, the ALT told the board of education at the time that he had been arrested after getting caught up in some trouble with some other people at a gathering in Tokyo. He added that despite being arrested, he hadn't been charged and had been released. Later, the board of education asked Allison to submit documents relating to the case, but he failed to comply and soon left his job, before being re-employed at another Tokyo high school in academic 2012.

Commenting on the decision to re-employ Allison, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education said, "If it had been confirmed that he had caused an incident, or carried out an act that breaks our trust, he would never have been re-employed."

During an Oct. 19 interview with the Mainichi, a representative of the high school education section of the metro education board had said, "We are not aware of the case from six years ago." However, on Oct. 20 an official from the section stated, "Documents from the time have been found."

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