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Photo Journal: Sizing up a tough task


A diver measures the body length of a whale shark at the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan in Osaka's Minato Ward on Nov. 1, 2017. Since 2000, the aquarium has been measuring whale sharks on this day. During the process, a diver holding a 1.5-meter pole is photographed under each of the whale sharks, and their body length is then calculated. Yu, a female believed to be 10 to 11 years old, grew 29 centimeters from last year to some 5.48 meters while Kai, a male estimated to be 6 to 7 years old, grew 47 centimeters for a length of some 4.8 meters. Their 24-year-old keeper Takeitsuki Kiya expressed his wish for them to continue to grow healthily. (Mainichi)

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