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Secret Service releases photos on Twitter of US presidential cars carried on plane

The U.S. Secret Service released photos on its Twitter account of two special presidential cars (second row from bottom) and other security cars carried by U.S. military aircraft as the president embarks on a tour of Asia.
Two of the same special presidential car, "The Beast," are seen at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, U.S. on Sept. 15, 2017. (Mainichi)

The U.S. Secret Service has released photos on its Twitter account of two special presidential cars and other security vehicles carried by a military transport aircraft as President Donald Trump embarks on a tour of Asia.

    Trump, who arrived in Japan Nov. 5, has been using special presidential cars and a helicopter for travel here. The Secret Service commented on the post: "With #POTUSinAsia we couldn't very well leave The Beast behind!"

    The car is a specially modified Cadillac made by General Motors and is not only bulletproof but is also designed to resist bazooka and chemical weapon attacks. The vehicle is equipped with various means of communication and medical devices for emergencies.

    In a bid to prevent terror attacks, two of the vehicles are usually operated at the same time. Because of the need to secure and check areas where the president will be traveling in and outside the U.S. ahead of his visits, it is said that at least 12 presidential vehicles are at the ready.

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