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Photo Journal: Brush with fame

Calligrapher Masaru Inoue writes the names of famous kabuki actors on large oak planks ahead of year-end performances, at Myoden-ji Temple in Kyoto's Sakyo Ward on Nov. 9, 2017. The performances will be held from Dec. 1 through 18, and well-known actors from all around the country will be in attendance. The 72-year-old Inoue uses the round, extended "kanteiryu" style to paint the characters onto the 1.8-meter long and 30-centimeter wide wood canvases. While the plays are usually performed at the Kyoto Minamiza Theatre in the city's Higashiyama Ward, due to renovations, the Rohm Theatre Kyoto will be hosting the event this year. The roughly 50 boards will be fixed to the venue on Nov. 25 in order to wish for a full house. (Mainichi)

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